open source and oceans

Open source software features a source code which any user can modify. This collaboration offers more stability and innovation than closed source software.

Similarly, authors share a source code. We live on the same planet, absorbing ideas from the world around us. Of course, copying the work of others is illegal and immoral, but it’s not uncommon for authors to share an inspiration. We’re all swimming in the same “idea ocean.”

When Tomi Adeyemi wrote the young adult fantasy novel Children of Blood and Bone, she drew inspiration from two common sources: Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, she also incorporated the Yoruba culture to make her story unique.

So when you see another book with a premise eerily similar to yours, don’t panic. There are countless authors who write about vampires, dragons, or pirates. The most important thing is to dive deep inside yourself to give these ideas your own personal touch.

You’re the only one who can write your story.





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