comments and critiques

Maintaining source code originally created by a different programmer can be an interesting experience. Usually the previous programmer left comments to warn about bugs or document the intent. These comments help the new programmer update or add to the code.

Critiquing another writer’s work in progress (WIP) works much the same way. The best comments are a mix of constructive criticism and compliments. If you are new to critiquing and still learning the ropes, below are ways to help your critique partner troubleshoot and improve their WIP. Continue reading

questions and queries

A How-To Guide for Querying:

Step 1: Polish your work. Once you finish your work, do not immediately submit to agents! Find a critique partner (CP) or critique group to give constructive criticism. Some CPs/groups will swap a chapter (or around ten pages) at a time. Others may swap the entire work in progress (WIP). After this stage, find beta readers for your WIP. If affordable, you can also hire an editor. Continue reading