acclimating and acronyms

Any new job comes with new acronyms to learn. Writing is no different. Here is a quick acronym list to help new writers:

Age category:

A – Adult

CB – Chapter Book

MG – Middle Grade

NA – New Adult

PB – Picture Book

YA – Young Adult


ARC – Advanced Reader Copy

CP – Critique Partner

DNF – Did Not Finish

HEA – Happily Ever After

ISBN – International Standard Book Number

MC – Main Character

MS – Manuscript

OTP – One True Pairing

POV – Point Of View

TBR – To Be Read

WIP – Work In Progress


CF – Christian Fiction

E – Erotica

F – Fantasy

H – Horror

HF – Historical Fiction

MR – Magical Realism

M – Mystery

NF – Non-Fiction

P – Paranormal

R – Romance

S – Suspense

SF – Science Fiction

T – Thriller

UF – Urban Fantasy

W – Western


CNR – Closed No Response

EQ – Email Query

ER – Email Rejection

FR – Full Request

PR – Partial Request

R&R – Revise and Resubmit

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